Nov. 2013 Put in contact with Dr. Hurtado, extended opportunity to join lab. This would be an unpaid undergraduate research co-op.

Jan. 2014
 Met with the Drexel Fellowships Office to discuss the Whitaker International Program as a potential source of funding. Note: Unfortunately this was the last cycle for undergraduate Whitaker grants.

Feb. 2014
Month of Whitaker. Essay drafting, support and recommendation letter requests, navigating Drexel Central for necessary documents. Outlining budget, brainstorming funding sources, collecting deadlines for necessary documents.

Mar. 2014
Whitaker deadline. Also, now I need a CV. I stumble a little and worry about whether this is the co-op I want or not. But with support from the Fellowships Office, my family, TH, and my close friends, I decide to continue with the process. Transfer resume into CV form, and pull together last Whitaker requirements for submission. Finish co-op, begin classes.

Apr. 2014
Whitaker nominations announced! I’ve been selected to receive the maximum amount of undergraduate funding! I am now a Whitaker Scholar for 2014-15.

May 2014
 Accounts created with the Drexel International Co-op Office as well as the Drexel Study Abroad Office. Confirm with Dr. Hurtado of my funding status and ability to join the lab. Begin application to be registered at Pontificia Universidad Católica, begin application with International Co-op Office to be registered as an official co-op, begin application to be registered as an exchange student with the Study Abroad Office, begin looking at Visa requirements, begin process of scheduling for health requirements.

Jun. 2014 Set up housing in Santiago through Cecilia Blanch of Homestay Chile. Took final exams for Spring term, flew home for LB’s graduation, returned to school and started a full course load of Summer term classes. Began working at the Fellowships Office.

Jul. 2014 Secured additional funding from other sources to help support my trip financially. Click here to learn more about each source. Also, got fingerprinted at a van in Philly because the Philly police don’t fingerprint unless you’re arrested. Submitted for my background check and was cleared to apply for my Visa!

Aug. 2014 Visit to the Chilean Consulate in New York City to obtain my Visa in person. While in UN Plaza, visited the Institute of International Education to drop off final Whitaker registration forms. While trying to leave the city, the Jeep breaks down on 34th St. right before the Lincoln Tunnel… Hopped a train back to Philly and made the trip back to NYC the following weekend to pick up the car. Adventures abound.

Sep. 2014 Packed up the Chestnut Square apartment, had final exams, updated my contacts in Chile to confirm my arrival, and had a fantastic break in Vermont and New Hampshire before flying out. Arrived in Santiago.


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