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On the way down from Cerro San Cristóbal with MSH
On the way down from Cerro San Cristóbal with MSH

Tomorrow’s the day, I’m headed back to the USA! I’ve thought of this day and drafted this post before, but it feels strange that it’s suddenly arrived. Slow and steady, then all at once. The lovely Annie over at LoveLaughRun seemed to have read my mind the other day when she said that it’s easy to plan a post as you run with your thoughts, but sitting at the computer and actually getting the words down sometimes leaves you stuck. On my runs around the city, I’ve imagined what I will tell you as I say goodbye. Continue reading


Culture Notes and Final Days


I’m taking the opportunity of my life being quieter to give you a glimpse of the street culture in Santiago as I’ve experienced it. I am fully aware that my perception is biased by the places I frequent and the way I look and speak, but I think that much of the positive behavior of the people around me doesn’t change from me being close by. Although the lifestyle is faster-paced in Santiago than in other parts of the country, I’ve found the people to be welcoming, friendly, and very fun-loving. I feel safe and welcomed and enjoy the more laid-back attitude. Continue reading

Valparaíso and Learning to Dine Alone

Art + Believe, Valparaíso

This past weekend, I hopped on a bus early Saturday morning and headed to the coast to visit Valparaíso, Chile. Valparaíso – or Valpo – is a port city located about an hour and half from Santiago. It neighbors Viña del Mar, which then runs into Reñaca and Concón. I had taken day trips to both Viña and Concón, but wanted more time to explore the colorful UNESCO Heritage Site of Valparaiso. On a whim, the Thursday before, I booked a Saturday night in Cerro Alegre at the Luna Sonrisa hostel and packed my bags. Arriving early Saturday afternoon, I was grateful to have more than a day to explore the hills (45 in total) that make up the eclectic city. Continue reading

The Learning Curve

Tomorrow I begin what will be a challenging task: teaching myself solid mechanics in terms of biomechanics. I met with my professor today, and we discussed my past coursework. Today we spoke in English, to make sure that I fully understood his expectations and I could express myself more clearly. Soon, however, I plan to make the switch to Spanish, to gain more practice and make the transition back into my host family easier too: I want to be fully immersed. As I was sitting in his office, I was thinking of how to circumnavigate “past coursework” in Spanish if I had to do so. All I could come up with was historia de credito | credit history. It made me smile to myself: how terribly unfunny yet entertaining I thought it was. The little things! haha

Today was the first difficult day of my time here. Continue reading

First Day of School

Desayuno | Breakfast

Feliz lunes! Happy Monday! And happy first day of Fall term to everyone at Drexel! I met my host family last night and they are very welcoming and sweet. They were away for vacation this past week. I live with my host mom, a host sister, and their family friend who is living with them while she goes to college in Santiago. All three are friendly and patient with my language abilities. Continue reading