While living in Chile, I aimed to spend as much time as I could exploring the country, and venturing both within and beyond the limits of Santiago. It was my home for six months, and I made sure I fell into the rhythm of life in the city.

My travels took me around Santiago, across the Andes into Argentina, to the north of Chile in the Atacama Desert, and to the southern lakes region of the country. I hiked in the foothills, skied in the Andes, floated in a salt lagoon, and summited an icy volcano. I ate fresh fish by the coast, and have tasted more than my fair share of ice cream around my neighborhood.

If you’re interested in the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met, check out posts about traveling outside of Santiago.

To read more about my day-to-day and about my adjustment to life in South America, check out posts from around the city.

To delve deeper into all that Chile has to offer, check out my friend Jesse Rosenstein’s GoPro edits! Jesse is a Drexel student as well, and studied abroad here during Drexel’s Fall 2014-15 term. The videos are a great way to get a first-person view of Chile and how unique each region of the country is.


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