Hiking Salto de Apoquindo


This past Sunday, I was invited to go trekking with my friends AP and SC from work. SC asked me if the hike would make the cut for my blog, and I assured him it would! Some pictures are my own, others were taken by SC.

I had to take a bus to meet up with my friends, so I got up around the same time as I do for work, packed up a few pieces of fruit, a peanut butter sandwich, and two liters of water, tightened the laces of my hiking boots, and headed out the door. After a short bus ride, I found my friends and hopped in their car to go the rest of the way to Parque Natural Aguas de Ramon. The park is remarkably close to the city: I could have taken a city bus if I had wanted to.

ParqueNaturaldelAguasThere are three loops within the park, but we chose the third and longest route, Salto de Apoquindo. Salto is Spanish for a small waterfall. If it was bigger, it would be called a cascada, and if it was huge, it would be referred to as las cataratas, or a series of falls. I had expected a hike of around 3-4 miles, but I guess I hadn’t fully read the website that SC had sent me beforehand: our hike clocked in at a full 17.2 kilometers, or 10.7 miles, round trip. We completed the hike in about 5.5 hours, including picture breaks and time for lunch at the waterfall. My legs are still sore, but it was undoubtably worth it!

Looking back on Santiago
Looking back on Santiago
Heading for the hills
Heading for the hills

IMG_3626The hike starts with a long, fairly steep incline. You’re thrown right into it and then slowly climb and wind your way past that point. It’s rocky and seco|dry, which is something that I’m not accustomed to. The earth was packed and cracked, with some looser parts as the terrain got steeper. The views were beautiful though! Because it’s spring, the flowers are in bloom, and the river that runs through the valley is full and crystal clear. There are very few pine trees, so the water isn’t tinted amber like it is frequently in New Hampshire.

The way up with AP [Photo credit to SC]
The way up with AP | Photo credit: SC
The reward
The reward!
Photo credit: SC
Photo credit: SC
Spring in Santiago

I came home tired, covered in dirt, and very, very happy. Thanks for inviting me SC and AP!

In a few days, RO and I are headed to Pucón for a long weekend! We’ll be staying Friday through Monday, and are planning to hike the volcano Villarrica. Pucón is well known for having incredible opportunities for adventure sports, but we’re waiting until we arrive to see where our trip takes us…


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