Pásalo Bien

Emperio La Rosa
Emperio La Rosa

I spent this past weekend in Santiago exploring the city and getting to know more of what it has to offer. I think I’m exiting the honeymoon phase of my trip and feeling more settled and like I live here now. I’ve gotten into a routine for commuting to my job (walk, bus ride, subway, transfer, second subway, walk – then repeat in reverse coming home) and I’ve developed habits that keep me happy and occupied.

On Friday, I went to an outdoor salsa lesson near the center of Santiago. It was in the cultural center called Centro Gabriela Mistral. Later that night, I went out to a salsoteca | salsa dancing club with a few of my friends. We left a little before 3am to head home, and people were still arriving! I am not one to stay up super late… I tend to feel ready to crawl into bed by midnight at the latest, so adjusting to a later lifestyle has been tough for me. We eat dinner around 10:30pm sometimes, and by that time of night I’m thinking about tea and peanut butter toast at the most. Maybe planning tomorrow morning’s breakfast if I’m feeling ambitious. As with everything, I’ll adjust with time. For now, I pack myself a peanut butter sandwich in case I get hungry on my way home from work during the week.

Saturday afternoon, RO and I met up and went thrift shopping. MM and AT joined us a little later in the day and we shopped and explored together. We walked through Mercado Central near the end of the day, and it’s a place I want to return to and spend more time at. Mercado Central is ranked one of National Geographic’s Top 10 Food Markets. It’s best known for the quantity and quality of it’s fresh fish. We finished the day by getting ice cream at Emperio La Rosa (pictured above). Named as one of the World’s 30 Best Ice Cream Parlors by The Daily Meal, it lived up to our expectations. With creative flavors like Earl Grey and Rose Petals, rounded out with sweet stuff like Manjar with Chocolate (Manjar is Chile’s version of Dulce de Leche) and Peanut Butter with Chocolate and Peanuts, it was worth the hype. There is park just across the street, so we sat and ate there to get away from the busy shop.

Today, Sunday, is much more relaxing. I slept in, went for a run, did some yoga, watched some football (American football), and ate lunch with my host family. All in all, a very good day.

Things about my daily life in Philly that I miss the most:

  • Cooking
  • Eating vegetables regularly
  • Eating cereal
  • Striking up casual conversation
  • Being able to use my phone GPS
  • Free public bathrooms with plenty of toilet paper (you have to pay most places here, even in the mall)
  • Everything about the fall season (commence jokes about white girls and things they enjoy)
  • The people of course! (TH, DH, JF, MB, Haverford Diner, and DUWLax to name a few, plus plenty more)

Things I love about my daily life here:

  • Time and daylight to run and do yoga
  • Time to read
  • Flexible start/end hours at work
  • Dogs on campus
  • Learning something new each and every day
  • Not commuting in traffic
  • Living next to a beautiful park
  • Meeting new people

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