First Day of School

Desayuno | Breakfast

Feliz lunes! Happy Monday! And happy first day of Fall term to everyone at Drexel! I met my host family last night and they are very welcoming and sweet. They were away for vacation this past week. I live with my host mom, a host sister, and their family friend who is living with them while she goes to college in Santiago. All three are friendly and patient with my language abilities.

Yesterday, for lunch, the neighbor who was taking care of me hosted four of her friends as well, in addition to myself. I went over around 1:30pm, and didn’t go home until 7pm. It was the longest lunch I think I’ve ever had! I asked my neighbor if she liked to cook, assuming that only someone who did would host such an elaborate meal would, and she promptly responded, “No.” I asked then why she did it and she said because her friends are very important to her and she values their company more than she hates to cook. So, five and a half hours later, we were happily fed and well acquainted with each other.

When I met her four friends, they were very excited that I was from the US. They told me about all of the places they’ve been, and how they would like to spend more time in my country. It was funny to hear them pronounce different cities with a Chilean accent: some were barely recognizable. When they inquired about an English word or a place in the US, I had to remember to pronounce it as I would if it were in Spanish in order for them to be able to picture the word correctly. I mostly listen during conversations, and try to understand what everyone is talking about. When they get excited, however, they speak so quickly and over one another that it’s easy for me to get lost. They also have a lot of slang for casual conversation, so when I’m asked a question, I often have to ask for them to repeat themselves, and they’ll rephrase into something I’m more used to hearing.

Today, I’m going to Universidad Católica to finalize my registration and to pick up my student ID. I also am going to go to the International Police Office to finalize my student visa and register at the Civil Registry Office. My second attempt at the metro, but this time I’ll have RO, another Drexel student here studying abroad, to help me.


2 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Oh my gosh Emily. This blog is fantastic! Your writing really makes me feel like I am there with you. Your apartment is a doable and I love the story about you getting lost in your town. My favorite way to see a city is by running through it too! Have so much fun. I can’t wait for your next post!


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