Clearer Skies

The haze finally cleared today and left some spectacular views of the mountains! While it was cooler in the morning, once the skies cleared and the sun came out, it was in the upper 60’s and very comfortable. I tried to go to the Museum of Natural History, but got lost, so I ended up walking around for a little bit, and getting back on the metro to come home.

Sunset on Andes
Sunset reflected on the snow-caps

Getting to and from the metro station was a feat in it’s own regard! One block can mean a few different things, and just because you start out going north, doesn’t mean you’ll stay going north. The streets curve and merge and abruptly stop. Just like a city I simultaneously love and have a hard time with: Boston. I’m talking to you. And oftentimes there are no alleys to cut in between buildings, so you can wind up walking an extra mile out and back to get across a stretch of apartments or businesses. Going to the metro station was pretty easy. I mapped the route on my computer beforehand, took a screenshot for my phone, and off I went. It took a little bit, but I found the station, paid my fare, and off I went. Cut to when I couldn’t find the museum. Getting home, however, I couldn’t quick remember the last part of how I got the station (it was a round-about way) so I figured I would give it my best shot to find the main road.

Map of Santiago, Chile
Navigating Nightmare

My best shot was not the very best. I ended up walking nearly three miles in the wrong direction. AWAY from my apartment. So I wandered. And wandered. And tried to find a place to get a map but I was in the middle of a huge neighborhood with no people to be found. They’re all still out of the city for the holiday. So I walked and walked until I found a Starbucks. Wifi! Finally, I could download a map and come up with a route back to the apartment. I also ordered in Spanish and they were very confused when I asked for iced tea. No pasa nada, we clarified with each other and I was on my way.

My favorite way to get to know a city is by walking. Although unintended, my multi-hour walk today was relaxing and helped me get a feel for the neighborhood I’m staying in. I practiced my Spanish and it forced me to improvise and think on my feet. I’ll most definitely sleep well tonight.


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