Stepping Foot in Santiago

It was 13 hours later than I expected, but I’m here and safe and happy. I arrived at JFK airport September 16, a little after 5pm for my 8pm flight. My dad and TH came with me to drop me off. Thank you so much to both of you! Unfortunately, when I got to the counter they informed me that my flight had been cancelled and I would instead be flying out September 17, at 10am. After a free night in the Radisson, some sub-par buffet meals, and sitting at the wrong gate for an hour, I made it to the right place, boarded, and promptly took a nap. The seat next to me was free, so I could lounge and watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and a short documentary on National Geographic photographers. I’m getting into adventure mode.

Also, to the Men from Ten and JF, I listened to the Stadium Arcadium album straight through, along with the full nine minutes of Jesus of Suburbia, on the way here. Because it made me think of you guys. And it’s good music. It was time well-spent. Then I followed it up with Sara Bareilles. Life’s about balance, right?


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