Take the Leap

The departure has crept up on me. Suddenly, I have only four full days to enjoy before I move out once again. How did this happen so quickly? I suppose it was all of the planning and school work that kept me busy until break, and then a fantastic vacation before I head out. I’ve spent so much time planning this trip that I sometimes forget that it’s mine to experience as well. I’m proud of all of the work I have put in, and I know I’m ready to take the leap.

I will be landing in Santiago on September 17th. From there, I will meet a woman who I will live with until my host family returns. I will be arriving in Chile the day before their independence day and my host family will be away for the long weekend. Their neighbor has graciously offered to pick me up from the airport and welcome me into her home upon my arrival.

I had a fantastic first few days of break last weekend when TH and I went straight to Vermont from Philly and packed as much summer into two days as we could. We went cliff-jumping (to clarify, I mean jumping from high rocks into Lake Champlain), wakeboarding, and spent plenty of time with Zena – the yellow lab – and the rest of TH’s family. Thank you for having me! I went home and the week continued with JF making a final visit to New Hampshire. We took a day trip to Ogunquit, Maine and continued making the most of our condensed summer break. I am heading back up north for my final weekend at home. New England, it’s been fun. I’ll see you later! Time to head far south.


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